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Welcome to my first blog entry for Nushkie Design!

I’m so excited to be here in this site and of course with YOU! I’m sharing my many years of working within wool, my stories, a little bit of music and more. What do I do daily? During my day, I’m usually poking wool – it’s not painful for the wool, just me when the needle ends up in my finger! I continue until it sweeps me off my feet when I hold the sweet, soft, beautiful completed figure of one of my fairies, gnomes, or mermaids. It’s like a wedding between wool and my imagination.

You might ask: “Does it appear within 15 minutes?”

“How about a half an hour?” Keep raising the time.

“Ok, so here goes my last try: One hour.” No, I’m sorry. Maybe you’ll understand a little better if I describe why creating a figure takes so long.

First, decide what figure you would love to make, like a fairy, gnome, mermaid etc.: let’s say a hanging fairy. Every step in the creation process takes more time than you might expect. Here’s how it goes without too many deep details: If you add the many minutes needed for at least 21 steps, it should take about 2 hours.

Some might think, “Yikes, why in the world would you want to spend that much time for this?”

Well, I love needle felting. When I use my hands, head, and heart, I start forgetting about time. With all of my labor, wool moves closer to the creation of life. With one last exhilarated thrust, I deliver a birth! “Happy Birthday, My Wool Baby!” I could never put it down, because I love it!

Thank you for visiting! I hope you have enjoyed being with me!

With Light, Love, Life, and of course, Levity!

Rebecca, aka Nushkie

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September 1, 2020