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Creativity Brings Joy!

Dear Folks who have known me forever, or who just discovered me, Welcome!

Here’s what happened today:

When I came into Etsy’s messages, I read a note from my most recent customer, who just received and unwrapped my Forest Autumn Maiden and a Wee Owl. She told me that when she brought them out, she felt tears in her eyes. She immediately loved these two wooly creatures, who seem to effuse peace, beauty and fun!

Knowing all this, I felt quite a few of my own tears filled with gratitude, thinking: my needle felted treasures brought joy, humility and humanity. Isn’t that my goal for creating? Yes it is.

When I work with wool, joy seeps into my joints and rescues me when I don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to create. Then voila: a new idea to give birth to a gentle, colorful, soft, autumn piece. The maiden you see here inspires me to create a new friend for this season. With my mind, heart and hands, I will move forward to create a new figure.

If you have been struggling with your emotions, find a treasure you would love to have from my shop or someone else’s. OR, invite joy back into your heart by starting a journey through creativity! Take a painting brush, a block of clay, a ball of yarn, or wool! We’ll journey together: you and me!

So, I’ll get started with another autumn piece, and will let you know how things go. I’m hoping that you’ll let me know about your travel. Bon Voyage!

With light, life, love and a wee bit of levity,

Rebecca aka Nushkie

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September 1, 2020