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Rebecca Varon

Hi! I’m Rebecca Varon, aka Nushkie! In my background I have: sung operas; performed one-woman shows in Los Angeles and Amsterdam with wonderful reviews; acted in theatre from L.A. to New York, London, and Edinburgh; performed as a standup comedienne; produced short and feature films; sold films in Cannes; and written stories which received awards. 

I taught myself the art of needle felting and managed to create the worst fairies when I started. Soon I began creating figures or wall pieces as gifts for my daughter’s nursery school teachers. Next, I gave fairies to anyone who would accept any of my wool work. When I improved my technique, my pals talked me into putting up my work for sale.  So, I launched my business as Since opening my shop in 2008, I have sold almost 6,000 needle-felted magical figures, including fairies, gnomes, angels, mermaids, and other wool treasures to fill the world with beauty.

I have shipped my work to six continents for delighted children and for adults who cherish their inner children. I have shown my work in L.A., and at international exhibitions in Taiwan, China, and Japan. In 2010 and 2011, my work was displayed in Tokyo, and sold in an auction for Habitat for Humanity, Japan. In 2012, I was invited to exhibit my three-dimensional sculptural wool paintings™ in Chungqing "Times Square," China.

Throughout Southern California, I held needle felting workshops for budding, as well as experienced, artists to lead their journeys into the world of wool. I was invited to hold workshops at Waldorf Schools in three cities in China, planned for summer 2017. Sadly, I needed to stay home, due to cancer. Fortunately, I am well, thanks to a very alternate healing method. At some time within this site, I will share that history. 

My next step is to finish a book which reveals two faces. One comes from the many memories connected to the creation of my wall pieces. With the other, I share “how to” create with needle felting. When both faces merge, the book will emerge with one title: “How I Felt.”

I accept wool commission requests, questions regarding my work, expressions of friendship, or just about anything!

Before I close, you might ask why I love needle felting. I can tell you, “My mission is to heal the world one fairy at a time!”

With light, love, life and, of course, levity,

Rebecca, aka Nushkie